ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Date, Time & Schedule

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Date, Time & Schedule.The ICC Champions Trophy is a sooner or later worldwide (ODI) cricket tournament organised with the aid of the global Cricket Council (ICC), second in importance best to the Cricket global Cup. It become inaugurated as the ICC Knock Out event in 1998 and has been performed approximately each years seeing that. Its call became modified to the Champions Trophy in 2002.For further detail & information click here

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Date, Time & Schedule

The number of teams competing has varied over the years; at the beginning all the ICC’s complete participants took element, and from 2000 to 2004 partner individuals had been also worried. considering 2009, the tournament has handiest involved the 8 highest-ranked ODI teams as of six months prior to the event.For further detail visit here.

In the lead-in to the 2013 tournament, the ICC introduced that the 2013 Champions Trophy changed into to be the ultimate,with its region within the cricketing calendar to be taken via a new ICC international test Championship. however, in January 2014, that choice become reversed, with the ICC confirming that the 2017 Champions Trophy event could take vicinity and the proposed check Championship become cancelled.

ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Schedule

1 June 2017 England vs Bangladesh (Group A) The Oval, London
2 June 2017 Australia vs New Zealand (Group A) Edgbaston, Birmingham
3 June 2017 Sri Lanka vs South Africa (GroupB) The Oval, London
4 June 2017 India vs Pakistan (Group B) Edgbaston, Birmingham
5 June 2017 Australia vs Bangladesh (Group A) The Oval, London
6 June 2017 England vs New Zealand (Group A) Cardiff, Wales
7 June 2017 Pakistan vs South Africa (Group B) Edgbaston, Birmingham
8 June 2017 India vs Sri Lanka (Group B) The Oval, London
9 June 2017 New Zealand vs Bangladesh (Group A) Cardiff, Wales
10 June 2017 England vs Australia (Group A) Edgbaston, Birmingham
11 June 2017 India vs South Africa (Group B) The Oval, London
12 June 2017 Sri Lanka vs Pakistan (Group B) Cardiff, Wales
14 June 2017 1st Semifinal (Group A Winners vs group B Runners-up) Cardiff, Wales
15 June 2017 2nd Semifinal (Group b Winners vs Group A Runners-up) Edgbaston, Birmingham
18 June 2017 The Final The Oval, London
19 June 2017 Reserve day for Final
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